Affordable suit line opens in Cape Town

Gareth Duncan, GD Suits

GD Suits will offer clients a more affordable price on top quality tailored suits.

GD Suits is a custom tailored suit line for men and women, offering the best price for quality. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa.

We give all clients the luxury of choosing your suit style and fit (including material, lining, colour, buttons and slits), ensuring your design is unique and a stylish representation of your fashion taste.

This is all done at an affordable price of R2999, which is the best rate for a tailored experience
and bespoke product in the market.

GD Suits is made from wool material, which ensures the look and feel is top of the range.

Gareth Duncan, GD Suits


GD Suits is the brainchild of youth entrepreneur and media professional Gareth Duncan, founder and CEO of GD Industries. He believes his product will make a good impact in the market.

“This new business is a bit out of my comfort zone, considering my expertise lies with media and brand development,” he says. “But if I can build other brands really well, I thought why don’t I build my own brand. I love suits. I’m really excited to run my own suits line.”

“GD Suits offer clients great suits at a more affordable price. You get the entire tailor experience, including the the colour and material choice you want.

“We focus on single and bulk orders, so we can cater to all needs.”

Click here to order your very own GD Suit!

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